Where are my resolution-makers at? Anyone tackling their health this year? Hopefully, if you follow me at all, I give the impression that I’ve made my health a pretty big priority in my life. From blissful ignorance to conscious consumer. From having one criteria for food, to several. From helplessness to values-based. I understand that…

Isadone and Isado again

Oh.MY.Goodness. I have not written anything for TWO WHOLE MONTHS. Trust me, it’s not because I haven’t had anything of value to say! I can’t do it all and I just had to focus on other things for a bit. My 16-week fitness challenge will end May 15 and I will start another right away….

The Meat We Eat

After being the sickest I’ve ever been and seeking natural remedies to start the healing process, whether it be Chinese Medicine or Naturopathic, we were talking about meat. What I loved about their recommendations is that they resonated with my values. I’d be a vegan if it wasn’t so… [all kinds of words here—insert one!]….